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Receiving dodgy emails?

I’ve received an email claiming to be from QEP.CO.ZA ?

Emails go around regularly claiming to be from QEP. These emails claim “QEP Registration Suspension” or “You’ve Won $$$$ or a some kind of prize !”.

QEP will never ask for you to confirm your bank or credit card details and will not ask you to confirm your account details after registering.

Fraudsters make it look like an email is coming from a reliable source and will then ask you for sensitive personal details. These fraudsters provide a link to a site almost identical to QEP and ask you to log in. Once you’ve entered your account information your details are in their hands.

If you have clicked and entered your details in one of these links, please change your QEP password immediately.

If there is anything you feel suspicious about with regards to emails received and questionable adverts on our site please contact us for further assistance.